The Girl Behind the Brand

Sherron Breaux is a concept creator, fashion and wardrobe stylist, and now, clothing designer. She specializes in, but is not limited to, creating looks for the full-figured woman. 

Before attending Laboratories Institute of Merchandising in New York City, she spent several years designing and creating unique stylings for herself, family, and friends. Over time, she became more fascinated with the confidence boost of her clients that came along with each completed look. Soon after, she decided that she wanted to create an athletic line for full-figured women who love to be vibrant and want to feel sexy, stylish, and beautiful whether at the gym or a night on the town.

"I want everyone to feel what I feel when I look in the mirror. Style is not and will never be limited to a size. In other words, I need every plus size woman to feel like a beauty queen. AN EXCENTRIQUE QUEEN. Although your wardrobe doesn't determine true happiness, it sure is a start!" - Sherron